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About Us

The Novello Wool Shop launched in September 2013, we love hearing what our customers are making. Check out our blog to read other peoples stories or get in touch with us and we will blog about yours! I am sure there are people just like you wanting to be inspired… Our focus is on selling high quality goods at a fair price and providing an excellent service. In addition, we are also happy to make personal bespoke items, all you need to do is contact us and tell us what you want.

We stock DROPS Garnstudio yarns; Alaska, Alpaca, Alpaca Boucle, Baby Alpaca Silk, Baby Merino, Big Delight, Big Merino, Bomull Lin, Brushed Alpaca Silk, Cotton Light, Cotton Merino, Delight, Eskimo, Fabel, Karisma, Kid-Silk, Lace, Lima, Merino Extra Fine, Muskat, Nepal, Paris & Peak! We also stock Double Pointed Needles, crochet hooks and Circular Needles. We are based in Godstone, Surrey (just outside of London), Junction 6 of the M25, if you’re local please feel free to pop in and look/purchase your yarn here. It’s just a stock room but at least you can view the colours rather than through a computer screen!! We are always open to yarn and wool suggestions to stock at The Novello Wool Shop, so please feel free to call us on 0845 075 6126 or email us with anything that you may require and we will see what we can do!

Having trouble with your free DROPS knitting pattern? Contact us and we will help you out!!

We are really excited to have launched our Noood London site, so if you’re looking to purchase yourself a Noood or some extra Noood Links, see our new website here! The Noood comes beautifully gift wrapped, so if it’s a present- let us know and we will pop a little note inside, whatever your request; we will try our best to help you!

Last but not least…Please follow the care label to ensure your product is long lasting and keeps its shape.

Novello Noades

I have always loved everything creative since I was a very small child. I was introduced to knitting by my late 'aunty Mair' at the age of five. What she started was an enjoyment that was to last me a lifetime - a legacy that means I certainly will never be bored! Strangely my wool shop would never have been if it hadn't been for a very sad time in my life. The serious illness of my husband Ron, and the illness of my mother Nancy in the final stage of her life. Something good has come from those awful events. Now I want to inspire as many people as possible, young and old alike, to give it a go, to share the joy of being creative, it's never too late - so come on in! I am so thrilled to have opened my very own online Wool shop Aunty Mair would have been very proud of what she started!

Happy Knitting!
Novello Noades

Paris Williams

I have always been creative, I learnt to knit when I was young- I started making an Eeyore teddy bear. But, being young, I soon lost the pattern and lost interest! It wasn’t until Novello hired me that I found my love for craft again. I have been with the company pretty much from day one. I have been involved in every decision that has been made and I voice my opinion at every opportunity I get! I have been working very closely with the launch of the Noood and designing of the Noood Link, you wouldn’t believe how much work there is with a start up business. Working with The Novello Collection has truly benefitted me and I have only been here since April. The skills I have learnt are priceless and I couldn’t thank Novello enough. The Novello Collection has so much potential and I am going to push the company to reach it.

Paris x

Mollie Coomer
I was taken on as an apprentice for The Novello Collection at the end of August 2013, this is a great opportunity to work and continue my education at the same time. I have loved every minute of it so far, although I have only been working here just over a month I have learnt so many things, I have already attended two courses which is amazing. As The Novello Collection is a start up company the skills I am gaining from this are incredible and will be extremely useful for the future. I help all round in the company which is fantastic, this allows me to gain knowledge of both the business and fashion side of the company. The Novello Collection has hugely welcomed me to the company and I feel like I have been here for years, The Novello Collection has so many exciting ideas and I truly want it to succeed, it is really something I am passionate about.
Mollie :)